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The Story of Your Brand – Kimanzi Constable

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I’m very excited to announce the first official podcast I’ve ever done! This will be a weekly podcast so I hope you’ll tune in. Today we are discussing the story of your brand with guest Kimanzi Constable. I hope you’ll listen, subscribe and leave some feedback. Show notes are below!

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The Story of Your Brand

Your brand is highly important. It affects the jobs you’ll have in the future, the clients you’ll get and basically where you’ll be over the course of your life. And with social media today, our brands are more prominent than ever!

In this podcast, we’ll be discussing the story of Kimanzi Constable and how he has utilized it to connect with others. This has allowed him to sell over 79,000 ebooks, become a professional international speaker and lead to the publishing of his first book this coming May.

Here are a few of the things we touched on as well as some resources we discussed.

A story will help you do at least 3 things better

  1. It will help you connect with those you actually want to talk to
  2. It will make you more interesting
  3. It will keep you going!

We talked a bit about target audience and how that has helped Kimanzi in his journey to becoming all the things I mentioned above. We even talked about spam comments and some of the awesome things he’s got in store for 2013! Be sure to listen and share!


Amanda Hocking – Author who self-published and sold over 1 million books via social media

Brendon Burchard – A top business and marketing trainer

Simon SinekStart with Why

Dan Miller48 Days to the Work You Love

Jon AcuffAuthor of Quitter

Michael HyattPublishing and Platform Building Genius

**Full Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means I get a teeny tiny cut of the purchase you make when you follow the link. It doesn’t cost you more, but it helps me a bit. Thanks!


  • DS

    It’s great hearing Kimanzi’s story. I enjoyed the conversation and the insights given. I’m now going to save this post and refer back to it. Super encouraging. And yeah, Brendon is a huge resource – check out the Millionaire Messenger, one of his books.

  • Dina Rimer

    I took some great notes. I help people______, so they can_______. Is pretty much where it all starts. I love basic information like this, that can be expanded on.

    • Glad to hear Dina! Hope you enjoyed it! It will be produced weekly. Next week’s topic is productivity.

    • Thanks Dina, it took me a while to figure out the basics 🙂

  • I always enjoy hearing Kimanzi’s story. Thanks for doing the Podcast.