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The Importance of Professionalism with Andy Rutledge

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andy rutledge design professionalismEntrepreneurship is about much more than just following your dreams. You better be passionate about being in business and love it!

Andy Rutledge is a designer and strong advocate of professionalism. He relates it to the design industry but it can really be translated to any industry. Andy is the author of Design Professionalism, founder of The Academy of Design Professionals and co-founder of Unit Interactive.

As a brand, Andy is a great example of one that has taken a stance on several things and has built loyal followers and haters alike. I value his professionalism in all aspects and am very excited to introduce you to him.

Here’s a few quick things you’ll learn in this episode.

  • A brand is a promise
  • As entrepreneurs, we must love business
  • How he deliberately sets up his work to NOT talk to everyone
  • What professionalism really is
  • A professional’s thoughts on crowd-sourcing and why it is the worst way to go

I hope you’ll find Andy online and tell him you appreciate his stance on professionalism. Regardless of your views and whether they mesh well with his is beside the point. Understand that true professionals are needed in every industry.

Thanks again Andy for your contribution to the design world and beyond. I appreciate you taking the time to share your wisdom!

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  • You’re right, Andy definitely has some strong opinions but there’s some great takeaway’s from this episode.

    • Fo Sho. Andy’s a great guy though and it was fun talking with another designer, one I have looked up to for a long time.