Sweet deal! I’ve got Erik Fisher, the voice behind BeyondTheTodoList.com and it’s glorious podcast. If you don’t subscribe to that one, do it now.

Erik is going to share some productivity tips with us today as well as his very own quote that he came up with. No one else has claimed it, so it belongs to him.

On a more serious note, this is a great episode. Erik talks about everything from his catalyst in getting started podcasting to how he has connected with some awesome people to get where he’s has. And he sprinkles in a little bit about productivity, of course.

Key points of the show are:

  • Look ahead to see what people in your niche are doing (right or wrong)
  • “Good ideas come from lots of ideas.” Erik Fisher (Tweet that!)
  • Sometimes it’s best to just ask
  • How to use connections to build clout
  • How jury duty relates to branding

And oh so much more. Just give it a listen. No need to read anymore here. Thanks Erik for your awesome ideas, which clearly came from many.

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