bendempseyMaking changes in life can be incredibly hard to do. It requires that we get out of our comfort zones, put in tons of effort and go through pain and failures many times. But Ben Dempsey has done just that to go from couch potato to health coach.

Ben’s story is incredible. He was well over the 300 lb mark and had little to do with his family because he mostly vegged out watching TV and eating all day. But one morning, he decided it was time to change. He now is a marathoner and health coach that helps people deal with the struggles of getting into a healthier lifestyle.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • “Defy the plateau!” Ben’s personal motto
  • How building relationships has helped him
  • His new book coming out in July
  • Life change vs. Diet
  • How small, gradual changes for the long-term matter

Listen carefully to the nuggets he provides that can relate to your personal brand. These can help us to understand the core of making major changes and how impactful the little things can be in our lives.

Thanks Ben for coming on the show, it was an honor to have you!

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