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Building Strong Relationships with Dan Black

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More pictures 003You’ve heard me talk about building relationships and the importance of it. I even dub it as a Super Power in my book The Connection Brand.

But few compare to the amazingness (just made that word) of Dan Black and his mad commenting and relationship fostering skills. I attribute much of my connections today to this guy because he was the first to comment on my blog and I found many of my other online friends through him as well.

If you’re looking to learn how to build connections online, this guy has it figured out. It take hard work, time and dedication, but he will tell you it’s worth it.

In this interview we talk about:

  • Why we loves leadership so much
  • How to maintain contacts/relationships
  • How to be strategic about finding new people
  • Byproducts of having strong relationships
  • Dan’s #1 tip for building awesome connections
  • His upcoming book!

This is an awesome interview. I was very excited that Dan agreed to come on the show and share some of his awesome wisdom with myself and you guys as well. If you don’t know him, you will want to connect with him asap. Thanks again Dan for your leadership, I appreciate it so much!

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Dan’s Resources:

Twitter @DBonLeadership

Resources we mention:

Seth Godin Startup School Podcast

John Maxwell

  • Awesome, Dan and Jared.

  • DS

    Jared and Dan it was great to listen in on your conversation and experiences. I know personally the encouragement I receive from each of you, as well as the encouragement Dan gave me to start posting again.

    I appreciated you discussing the harsh reality you and your wife experienced with your child, and how it affected you. Also enjoyed hearing more about Dan’s book in process.

    Keep up the great work – both of you!

    • Thanks David. It was a great interview and I certainly appreciated Dan sharing a little of his story. We all go through trials and it’s awesome to see how many people look back on them with such positive words. Thanks for listening, glad you enjoyed it!