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Using Your Powers for Good

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I recently had the opportunity to talk with some kids (5th and 6th grade) on their career day. I wasn’t traditional in my presentation though. Instead of telling them all about how to be a web designer, I went a little different route. I talked to them about their superpowers, their creativity and how they need to define their name for the better of their career.

This podcast episode is just me, no interviewee. And I talk about what I presented them with and how it relates to each of us. Here is a little of what I touched on.

  • You have superpowers
  • Use your powers for good
  • Get creative in your careers
  • How we define our name like Ironman
  • Where the Internet and our lives mesh

Part of me thinks the presentation was a little over some of their heads…but none of them seemed to be too bored so I’m okay with that. The teachers all joined in with some comments and it seemed they really understood what I was bring to the table.

My hope is that you’ll do the same. Stay creative with your careers. Understand the power of the web. And use your powers for good. Thanks for listening!

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  • Love it – stay CREATIVE with your career. Yes. There are options…explore them.

    • Thanks Tom! It helps to keep us from hating Monday and decide that it’s good instead. 😀

  • You’re teaching them what they need, not the usual stuff they hear. Way to go and keep pushing forward!