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Time to Get Skool’d with Srini Rao

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Srinivas-Rao-150x150I talk with the awesome Srini Rao about everything from not pursuing vanity metrics to Honey Boo Boo. Yes, the conversation ended up there somehow.

This guy is totally rockin’ the personal brand with his Skool of Life blog, BlogCastFM and new book, The Small Army Strategy.

A few things you’ll learn:

  • Don’t pursue vanity metrics
  • Writing is a process of self-discovery
  • Society’s life-plan is a one-size
  • Education is broken (you knew that though)
  • The “I’ve made it moment” is a myth

All around, Srini is an awesome guy and I love his ideas on everything we talked about. Thanks for your time Srini, you rock sir!

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Also note, as I mention in the intro, this will be my last podcast for the time being. I’m taking a break for the birth of my second son (due June 12) and revamping some things with the podcast. Thanks for your support. I promise the changes will rock!

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Srini’s Resources:

Skool of Life


The Small Army Strategy Book

Confessions of a Corporate Misfit

Other Resources:

My guest post for BlogCastFM

Srini Rao on EntrepreneurOnFire Podcast

  • DS

    Is it okay for me to say that I’m disappointed about your announcement in some ways? But, I’m excited to see what you’ve learned and how you’ll apply it going forward. Looking forward to future awesome-ness!

    By the way, the header in your newsletter looks great! Good improvement.

    • It is of course okay to say that 😀 I’m glad you look forward to it because that means it actually adds value to to you. Thanks for your attention and no worries, it’ll be more awesome!