3 steps to build a digital ministry from your own congregation

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Some would say I’m crazy for giving away exactly how to build a digital ministry. They would be wrong. My goal is not to take credit for what I can accomplish because I can’t do it by myself. It is the Lord who provides me with my strength and has given me the skillset to know how to do this. So it is to Him that the glory goes, I am just a steward of the gifts He’s imparted on me.

So I encourage you to take what you can from this article and use it to spread the Gospel. If you have a digital ministry, add to it or remove what doesn’t make sense. If you have nothing and need help, I’m here.

Building Your Digital Team

In order to build a proper digital team from your congregation, we will need to establish some guidelines. We won’t need a bunch of people that are really technology savvy, in fact, social media is supposed to be simple and for everyone. Once we have the proper guidelines and training in place, maintaining your digital ministry will be streamlined and simple. 

Step 1: The Focus

Focus will be vital for this effort. We need to establish early on the importance of keeping the Gospel front and center. This is not an effort to market your church or a particular person within your congregation. While things like your logo and selfies will occur, they should never be the focal point of your accounts. The focus is on spreading the gospel message to the lost and letting everything we do in this ministry point back to our God.

That is our focus.

Step 2: What You Need

The following is a punch list of what you will need for your digital ministry. It’s not conclusive but is a guideline that can be used to help you build what works for your church.

A real functioning digital ministry consists of:

  • Total of 10-15 people (depending on congregation size)
  • Age range from 15+ (mix in all ages so you can get the wisdom and spontaneity balance you need)
  • 2-3 legitimate content writers
  • 2-3 entry level photographers (better if you have any with professional skills)
  • 2-3 people who love video (live and recorded)
  • 2-3 people who love reading articles the church could share
  • 1-2 people willing to be your voice on social media accounts
  • 1 person that has graphic design capabilities. This can be someone that is just willing to learn how to use a simple phone app to create consistent graphics. Or it can be someone who the church hires for a couple hours a week to create the necessary graphics.
  • 1 person that is the group leader. This member does need some level of experience or knowledge of social media and oversees everything that goes on with the members of the group. This role is a bit larger than the other and should be someone that can contribute a bit more time. I can train this person or help setup the team if you want.

This team will be your digital ministry outreach. They will be responsible for the social media communication coming out of the church and should be aware of what other external communication is happening as well.

Step 3: Execution

This group can be setup in a variety of ways so I won’t outline exactly how to do it. I’m not sure there is a “correct” way, but I do have my way. I simply create a secret Facebook group that all members are a part of. They post content to that group and other members get what need from those posts depending on what their responsibilities are for the team.

For instance, the person or people responsible for creating scripture posts would find the scripture they want along with a royalty-free picture (if necessary). That person would post to the group their contribution and the graphics person would get the content and create the graphic. The graphic would then be posted to the group upon completion and the person responsible for scheduling or posting it would get it from there. It’s as simple as that.

I have found that having the graphic designer choose the photo to go with the content is the best option. It’s easier for them since they are already doing the design and can work with the image they choose.

I’ve also found that creating a document (we use Google Docs) and listing out each day with is a good way to organize it. It works better than Facebook posts to the group. Again, lots of way to do this so choose what works for you.

One Final Thought

I would suggest someone overseeing what all goes on. This can get out of hand if no one is the “captain of the ship” so to speak. Everyone needs to be held accountable and fulfill their responsibilities so the next person can do the same. If you are in need of someone to do this role, contact me and we’ll discuss your situation and options for setting up the ministry you need.

Here’s a recent article I wrote about how the ministry we are running at my home church is working out. It’s doing phenomenal and so far, so good on the involvement of the team!

I hope this helps you on your journey to spreading the Gospel to all nations. To God be the glory!