4 questions that helped our church increase our Facebook page reach by 300%

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I can’t even begin to describe my excitement when I saw the numbers for the total reach for my church’s digital ministry. I am beyond grateful for what the Lord is doing through our church on all fronts! This post will explain the importance and results of having a clear digital evangelism plan and how it can reach more people than ever!

The numbers

Let’s define a few things first. 

Total reach is the total amount of people that saw a post (such as a Facebook post). Organic just means it was not paid for to reach those people. So every time someone shares, reacts, etc. to a post, it reaches more people. The more people that engage (share, react, comment, etc) with a post, the more people that post will be shown to. Generally speaking, the algorithm for the social network realizes this is an important post and so therefore it gets shown to more people.

Make sense? Good.

This graph above shows posts since the beginning of 2017. It’s hard to tell if we look at more than a year at a time because the graph points are so small but this is highest level of reach we’ve had on a consistent level since the beginning of the page a few years ago. Notice that the peak is WAY higher on the right side because that is our digital ministry’s first post from October 15. It has continued to increase ever since and we ecstatic to see what is going to happen from here on out!

Here’s a few of the best performing posts for your reference.

Why this is so awesome?

Well, for starters, our ministry is no longer focused on internal communication. Our focus is now on the lost and unchurched so about 80% of our posts will be focused on that. Our goal is to equip members and fans of the page with things that they will want to share into their feeds and get in front of people who have never been exposed to the gospel of Jesus! This is digital evangelism done right!

Secondly, this is done by a team of volunteers within the church. It’s not a tech group and doesn’t require a ton of training. Social media is for anyone who can read and type and this team is setup of people who can do just that and have a desire to share the Gospel!

Lastly, it only requires a few hours each month from the team. Once the posts are created and scheduled, it easy to maintain. I can show you how.

How does this help you?

Here are 4 questions you can vet your posts with to see if they are being used for an external ministry.

  1. Is it Bible truth?
  2. Is it something people will engage with?
  3. Is it shareable?
  4. Is it consistent?

Of course, we want our posts to be truth. So we have to start there. If it’s not, make sure it is according to scripture. Numbers 2 and 3 seem the same but they aren’t. We want people to engage in some way whether it’s commenting, reacting or sharing. But not all people that engage will share the post because that is another level of commitment to show friends in their feed that they are interacting with scripture. And last, social media as a whole requires consistency. It helps people and the algorithms trust you.

The best posts will meet all 3 requirements and the worst will not perform well at all. So take that information and apply it. Hopefully, you’ll see an increase in reach and performance. Digital should not be something the church shies away from. We should be using it to spread the gospel as much as possible!

If you need help or more information on how to do this, you can find it here. Not a church? I can still help.

All for the glory of Christ!