You’re different.

We all are.

We make choices that many poeple don’t understand.

We challenge the status quo because, well, it irritates us.

Does that ever make you feel irresponsible or flaky?

The Entrepreneurs Decision

We’ve made a choice to step out on a limb and do something that matters. Maybe it matters to someone else, but mostly it matters to us. We feel called to do something awesome.

Either way, we’ve done something that is different from those we are closest with.

Occasionally, I’ll hear about someone who grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. That’s all they know and all they want to know. I’m not talking to those people.

I’m talking to those of us that may have had a little influence to that but more so are the ones that most people don’t understand. They don’t “get” us and our decisions.

That’s okay though, we’re not mad about it.

What is irritating is when we feel flaky about our decisions.

Maybe it’s our own mind that’s tricking us or maybe it’s unsupportive words from those around us. Or maybe both.

The only thing I do know is that it’s not the norm for someone to bounce around from job to job or from dream to dream.

That makes us seem flaky.

But, I have to tell you, we’re not

I was talking with a friend the other day and she brought up this point. She said that she feels irresponsible because people keep telling her to “just go get a job.”

What if that job doesn’t fulfill you? What if it will add to your depression? What if it will drive you over the edge you’re teetering on anyway? What will they say when it all comes crashing down?

I’ll venture to say that those that pushed us to do something we aren’t called to do would never admit that they were wrong. It will probably end up as some medical condition that normal people can never pronounce.

Through that conversation, I realized that it’s something many of us struggle with.

We think that people see us in a different light because we aren’t “stable.” Maybe so.

But the thing is, we want to change the world.

It’s really difficult to change the world when you’re doing the exact same thing as everyone else and holding your fresh ideas in your own head. No one can get in there, except maybe your phsyciatrist. And maybe they can tell you a shorter name for your “condition.”

In any case, here are 7 ways making a new choice seems irresponsible

  1. We stop doing something even though it’s “good money.”
  2. We turn down security of a steady job for that of the unknown.
  3. We decide that we don’t like our path and change it.
  4. We burn out and try something new.
  5. We do something crazy like quit our job without planning (not recommended)
  6. We struggle with bringing in steady income.
  7. We decide we want to do something we’ve never thought of before today.

All of these can seem irresponsible at the time. Some more than others, sure…but all have some degree of uncertainy to them.

The point is this.

Just because we have decided to go another route than the one we started out on, doesn’t mean we’re irresponsible.

It means we made another choice.

What are you thinking of doing that would push the status quo? I never advocate quitting your job on a whim, I did that all wrong. But I do advocate pursuing your dream. Share with us in the comments!