A little jewel in a gigantic book

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I’m reading through, very slowly, “Whatcha gonna do with that duck?” by Seth Godin.

Basically, it’s a collection of blog posts from several years of writing that are categorized for you. I came across one that really struck me in light of my project. Here’s a sample from the post.

“New media creates a blizzard of tactical opportunities for marketers, and many of them cost nothing but time, which means you don’t need as much approval and support to launch them.”

He’s talking about tactics like Twitter, Facebook, etc of course. These are versus the actual strategy we need…

“”Building a permission asset so we can grow our influence with our best customers over time” is a strategy. Using email, twitter or RSS along with newsletters, contests and a human voice are all tactics. In my experience, people get obsessed about tactical detail before they embrace a strategy… and as a result, when a tactic fails, they begin to question the strategy that they never really embraced in the first place.”

This has caused me to really begin to think through the strategy and forget the tactics for now. I’ll continue to post, but that’s not the core of what I’m building.

I hope this helps you in your journey as well. Think of the long term, not the easy-to-do things.

Here’s the full post just in case you were wondering.