What does it matter?

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All the great minds in marketing today speak of mattering. Build something that matters to the right people. Create something to where you will be missed when you’re gone. Serve in the places where you’ll matter the most. All true if you’re looking at it from a worldly perspective. This, which I am very guilty […]


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Advice from those that have gone before us is important, almost necessary. The problem arises when the advice coming in doesn’t match with the goals we have for our lives. It might be hard to ignore out of respect or courtesy. But a scrutiny of the source is vitally important as well. Advice from the […]

It’s really about perspective

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The past few months have been very interesting for me and my family. We are making some much needed changes and the one thing that keeps coming up is perspective. The first thing I’ve learned about it is that almost everyone has a different one. It depends on how you look at a situation as […]