Book Review: I’ve Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do?

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Normally, you get things regarding branding from me and how to affect your personal brand. But every now and then I stumble across something that is a little out of the norm but still makes sense. This is one of those.

My friend, Ernie Wenk, has recently released the first of several booklets that target those people that have just been promoted to a higher position. This makes a lot of sense for personal branding too, if we really think about it.

For example. The booklet targets managers that used to be one of the workers and now has some power over his friends on the job. Sometimes we can end up in that position as we progress in our platform building. We can make friends with others over a period of time and then suddenly, one of us progresses and the others are left in the dust a little. So how does that person handle a new level of leadership? Do they let it go to their head? Or do they take lessons and apply proper leadership principles?

Of course, it’s the latter. Which is why this book is a great, quick read. It gives very practical advice for anyone who has just gotten a little jolt of power, particularly if it’s on the job. Honestly, I want to buy hardcopies of this and hand it out to every shift manager I’ve ever seen at IHOP or Kohls.

So there you have it. I’m recommending this booklet simply because of it’s leadership principles and practical advice. Even if you aren’t in a job somewhere or plan on being a shift manager, it still sheds light on something we all need to take advice on. Be humble…we all had to begin somewhere.

Check out Ernie’s post about the book here. You can also grab a copy at smashwords for only .99!

  • Ernie is on fire, thanks for the review!

  • Thanks for providing great resources, Jared. I hadn’t run into Ernie’s blog yet, great stuff over at his site. I’ll have to check out his booklet – really seems to fit into my wheel house.

    • Hey Tom, Ernie is my father in-law just so you know:) He’s a great man. This book might be a great tool for your clients.

    • Sure thing Tom! Always happy to share what I’ve found useful or would be useful to others. Take care!