What does it matter?

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All the great minds in marketing today speak of mattering. Build something that matters to the right people. Create something to where you will be missed when you’re gone. Serve in the places where you’ll matter the most. All true if you’re looking at it from a worldly perspective. This, which I am very guilty […]

A time of questions

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When culture tells you to do something, question it. When the media tells you to think a certain way, question that too. As a matter of fact, it’s a good rule of thumb to question everything. Authority, yes. Processes, definitely. Status quo? Absolutely. I find that the more we question the ways of our world, […]

Falling vs. Failing

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Falling is not fun. It hurts. It stings. It makes you feel like a failure. But it’s part of our growth and part of life. If we don’t fall, how will we learn what not to do? How will we build up the confidence to stand strong when it’s hard? I say fall and not […]


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Change is only constant we know today. Change phones. Change plans. Change ideas or marketing or clothes or friends. It isn’t bad. But it’s hard. The one thing I’m learning from all the changes I’m experiencing right now is that I only have to please one. The one that made me. That provides for me. […]

My journey as an entrepreneur

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For the past few weeks if you’ve been reading me, you’ve noticed I’ve gotten a little more personal and blunt about things. I’ve also been posting more frequently and with less regard for “having it all done just right.” That’s because I’m turning this more into my journal as an entrepreneur and I’d love to […]

When protocol fails, miserably.

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There are certain ways of doing things. Certain ways of going about achieving a specific goal that you want. I get that. Let’s call this protocol. But what happens when your protocol doesn’t make sense? When it is a useless waste of time for your customer or you? Let’s explore.