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More important and more accessible

More important and more accessible


If connection is so important to us there days, why isn’t there more of it? I find that we’re so connected with our “friends” on Facebook that we rarely find the time to connect in real life.

Connection is more important and accessible that it has ever been. But with that, brings the possibility of deeper connection than we’ve ever known.

Find new ways to connect the disjointed, displaced or disconnected. Find new ways of reaching people you’ve never met. Find better ways of getting to know them all more intimately.

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Do not buy my kid LEGOs.

Do not buy my kid LEGOs.


Actually do, because I see them as incredible building tools. But don’t buy sets. Sets you can only build one thing with the instructions, then you’re done. Game over.

My son is almost 5 and he’s just getting into Legos. I made the mistake of showing him the instructions but I can tell you that the next time we build, there will be no blueprint. We will create. We will make it up. We will build without restrictions.

[A brief dive into the history of LEGO will show you their near bankruptcy state back about 10 years ago. Their main reason for the comeback was the creation of the "set". These sets (Star Wars, Ninjago, Batman, etc) that are now all they sell, was something foreign to them. A main cornerstone of their product was that no block should ever only be able to be used for one thing. Now, most every block is custom and has one sole purpose.

Sadly, it was our culture and society that demanded it. We had to be told exactly how to do something, the right way, the first time. Now there is little chance of failure (due to instructions) and next to no hope of creating something unique.

This post isn't just meant for LEGOs, just so you know. It's meant for anything you're creating. Make it up. Forget the instructions. That's what creating is all about.]

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There’s this whole big movement about “launching” and “starting” your project. I agree that you have to at some point. But it seems like everyone has jumped on the same ship and they’re all buddy-buddy with the next guy about how to be a success in this world.

I really don’t give a crap about being a success in this world. This world can be destroyed in an instant. And it will someday.

What I do care about it being the best servant I was created to be. Serving family, friends and my God is on the top of my list. It’s not about material things or wealth or fame.

So I’m un-launching. I’m un-starting. I’m being true to what I was created to be instead of what the world wants me to. Too many of us have been programmed to want more, do more, achieve more. But I find that the more I want, the more I want. That’s a problem that too many of us in America (and other places) have. It’s an entitlement mentality that we have to fight. A healthy striving for making a difference, gone terribly wrong.

Make a difference, yes. Make a ruckus, of course. But most of all, make it your own dream, not that of the media’s.

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I am not ashamed.

I am not ashamed.


Actually, I am a little. I’ve been so focused on great marketing that I’ve neglected my duty and desire to spread the gospel. When I say that, there will immediately be critics. Those of you that don’t want to be preached to. I’m one of those people to be honest, one that doesn’t like being told I’m wrong or get lectured to about things going on in my life.

I’m not here to do that.

What I am here to do is openly admit that I was wrong. I have been wrong all along about the calling for my life. I have known for some time that something was not right, but it’s been through the gospel that I was convicted of it.

Great marketing tells stories. It triggers emotion. It pulls us into a relationship with the brand and helps us buy into it, sold on it for life. That’s the gospel in a nutshell if you ask me.

So I won’t get religious on you, just a little spiritual. If searching for status, success, fame or something similar, you’re in the right place. The message of the gospel is that you can have all that with a commitment to Christ. You will instantly get status with God, accepted into his forever family. You’ll have thousands of angels singing for you when you make that decision. And you’ll have successfully gained eternal life, never to lose it under any circumstance. No choice you make will take you where the hand of God won’t protect you.

That’s the message of the gospel. It’s really that easy.

I have spent the majority of my career life building on the Internet. Africa may not be my mission field, but the Internet certainly is. And this tiny little portion of the web called my blog, is where I can share the changes in my life without fear.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel. For it is the only thing that will never change and always be here to protect me.

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How “The American Dream” is really incredible marketing.

How “The American Dream” is really incredible marketing.


Create compliant workers and consumers. That was the goal of the industrial age. It worked incredibly well.

So well, in fact, that it built us into the superpower that the world knows and fears. And through all the building, came the development of “The American Dream.”

Own a house. A big one. Own a car. Or two. Or five. And they better be brand new. Use whatever means it takes to get there as quick as you can so you can impress your neighbor and catch your parents when you’re half their age.

That’s the story we’ve been buying into for years. The one that says “You’re nothing if you don’t look like this. Act like this. Have this.” That’s the story of the industrial age that worked so well. One that we bought into through plenty of schooling, advertising and media exposure. One that brands use to this day to help us buy more and want more.

The problem is, we don’t need more. Many of us don’t even want more. We’re done with more and we don’t even know it. We’re strung out on consumerism and we can’t even tell. That’s the marketing brilliance of the last 100 years.

Marketing tells a story. It always has. It starts by identifying with us and then we take the reigns and run with it. We build out the rest of it. Apple has done it to us. Microsoft, Chick-fil-a, McDonald’s, Walmart, Sears, Coors, Craftsman, Pepsi. They all have a story they started and we grabbed ahold with both hands. Not all of us for each one of then, but at least one or some.

Most of us though, the vast majority of us, grabbed “The American Dream” one. The one that tells us to want more. Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

It’s time we decide to think for ourselves. Maybe the system doesn’t know what’s best. Maybe it’s flawed. Maybe it’s got too much control.

And of course, by maybe, I mean absolutely.

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Education vs. Learning (Two sides, same coin.)

Education vs. Learning (Two sides, same coin.)


Education is a major part of my life as well as our culture. I’m adamant about being educated. What I’m not adamant about is the way we are doing it do our culture.

Education and learning are used interchangeably but they are really two very different things. Two sides of the same coin, and you are the coin.

On one side, education is important because it helps us to move forward in the world. It helps us to grow and become the person we were created to be. But it can also be used against us. And, unfortunately, the system we live in has done just that. It’s used education to strip away dreams from us and form us into compliant worker bees for the needs of larger corporations. (Which was the purpose of the school system when it was formed. It worked excellent, maybe too well.)

On the other side, learning is essential to life. We cannot grow if we don’t learn and we must love to learn new things in order to, again, become that person we were created to be. But it’s also been used against us. It’s been forced down our throats to learn things we will never use again just because the system says we need to learn it. But for what reason, I ask?

What the system doesn’t realize is that you can’t force education or learning on someone. They will grow only enough to hate both.

I’m all for education and learning. I’m completely against the how the system works now though. In the past, it was necessary. It provided workers for the industrial age. People that took direction, did what they were told and lined up at the door until the manager called out a new instruction.

The world doesn’t work that way anymore. We will always have people willing to be the drone, to put in the hours, to do the grunt work because they don’t care to change their circumstances. (Or maybe they enjoy it) Whatever the cause, they certainly don’t want to make a ruckus.

This call for reform isn’t for them. But it very well could be for you.

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A path to success can only be taken one time

A path to success can only be taken one time


How it is that certain people attain a goal or level that we hope to achieve someday? Others attempt the same course as the successor did and achieve nowhere near the same level. In fact, every time we ever hear of someone achieving what they wanted, it was by chance (chance through perseverance of course) that they found a way there.

And by chance, I of course mean that God’s hand allowed it or caused it. No things are just by chance or luck.

The conclusion is that any success is attainable by a certain path only one time. There is little chance of someone doing the exact same steps and achieving the same level of success as the author of those steps. This is why how-to’s are worthless. Why courses should not be setup to teach a particular path or solution to a problem, but rather, they should be a guiding tool by which the student is able to apply in their very own way.

So if a particular outcome is achievable only one time from a certain path, what is necessary for the successor to leave behind or teach so that others can learn from his path?

Experience. The great teachers with a heart for allowing others to learn know how to impress a course of action on us that requires us to do our own thinking and working. They do not show us the path. They allude to it.

Ultimately, the only chance of success lies in whether the character, capacity and tenacity of the individual are in perfect unison.

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That thing you can’t not do.

That thing you can’t not do.


What constitutes art? What is it that defines what art actually is?

I remember growing up in school and going to art class. It was the place where they talked about creative freedom and creating what you wanted to. But the problem was that it was inside of an industrialist culture that had boundaries and processes. They gave us projects where we had to copy what was placed before us. We had to draw with a particular technique or you got a prize for coloring inside the lines better than all the other kids. How I wish I could go back and do the total opposite of what the rules were.

We learned what art was from a culture that didn’t know what it was to begin with. Art was put into a box and given processes and confines just like everything else. And now most of us can’t see that it can be so much more than a drawing or picture.

Your art is what you do. For me, I’ve finally come to the realization that my art is being an entrepreneur. Will I always be a web designer? Probably not. A writer? Maybe. Will I always want to push the boundaries of what I do? Absolutely.

And so the commitment continues. The commitment to doing work that matters if even only to me. The commitment to searching out my perfect audience and my perfect worldview of which I am to share what I learn with. But most of all, my commitment to doing that one thing I can’t not do each and every day.


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What I’m learning about these days and why you should be too

What I’m learning about these days and why you should be too


These days I’m learning about choosing a market for building a product and all the different ways that can be done. This might not appeal to you directly, but bear with me, it’ll relate to how you can use what I’m learning to help yourself as well.

Market Research

I’ve long been an advocate for choosing a niche market. I even did that with my blog and you’re likely in it. But I’ve never done something like I’m embarking upon these days. For the longest time, I’ve designed websites for companies and built a few to solve problems in industries. ( is one of them)

But I’ve never built an actual product before that digs deep into an industry, finds a pain, and solves it. That is my quest these days.

As it turns out, market research is a pain. Well, it’s sort-of fun, but mostly just time consuming and you have to go in not knowing what you’re looking for. And that’s hard for most of us. We want to know what we’re looking for when we go looking for it. At least I do.

But market research to determine a need means that you have to go in search of a need without having one in mind. Because if you have one in mind, you’ll find all kinds of things that point you in that direction. And it might not be a need that someone would buy which pretty much puts the nail in the coffin for your product before you create it.

Confusing huh?

What I’m Learning

I’m learning how to ask questions that aren’t leading. Ones that don’t suggest an answer to the person I’m talking to. Which is surprisingly difficult.

My theory is that you need to ask less leading questions too. Whether it’s writing a blog post, a book, building a website or anything else, we have to understand that we can’t assume what the person on the other end is after. The moment we do that, we begin to lead them down the path we have chosen for them.

So in my quest for determining what exactly it is I’m going to be building, I’d like to invite you to take up your own quest. What are you doing these days that market research would help determine the need you can solve? Or, even simpler, what quests are you embarking on these days?

Peace. Out.

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Are You Living or Existing?

Are You Living or Existing?


Well…are you?

kimanzi-bookIf you don’t know Kimanzi by now, you should. He’s got some mad passion for making radical life changes and has been an integral part of my growth, personally.

In the interview above we talk about his book. We talk about life. And we made sure not to waste your time. The video is less than 15 minutes and well worth the watch as he goes through the 9 steps you need to take to change your life.

Be sure to grab his book immediately and you’ll get $100 in awesome bonuses! But hurry, these bonuses are only good May 1 through May 19!

More info on the bonuses on Kimanzi’s site here.

In a nutshell, go buy the book now. It’s well worth the puny investment. Peace.

By the way, here’s my review of it I posted on Amazon.

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 8.06.27 AM

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