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Time to Get Skool’d with Srini Rao

Srinivas-Rao-150x150I talk with the awesome Srini Rao about everything from not pursuing vanity metrics to Honey Boo Boo. Yes, the conversation ended up there somehow.

This guy is totally rockin’ the personal brand with his Skool of Life blog, BlogCastFM and new book, The Small Army Strategy.

A few things you’ll learn:

  • Don’t pursue vanity metrics
  • Writing is a process of self-discovery
  • Society’s life-plan is a one-size
  • Education is broken (you knew that though)
  • The “I’ve made it moment” is a myth

All around, Srini is an awesome guy and I love his ideas on everything we talked about. Thanks for your time Srini, you rock sir!

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Also note, as I mention in the intro, this will be my last podcast for the time being. I’m taking a break for the birth of my second son (due June 12) and revamping some things with the podcast. Thanks for your support. I promise the changes will rock!

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Using Your Powers for Good

I recently had the opportunity to talk with some kids (5th and 6th grade) on their career day. I wasn’t traditional in my presentation though. Instead of telling them all about how to be a web designer, I went a little different route. I talked to them about their superpowers, their creativity and how they need to define their name for the better of their career.

This podcast episode is just me, no interviewee. And I talk about what I presented them with and how it relates to each of us. Here is a little of what I touched on.

  • You have superpowers
  • Use your powers for good
  • Get creative in your careers
  • How we define our name like Ironman
  • Where the Internet and our lives mesh

Part of me thinks the presentation was a little over some of their heads…but none of them seemed to be too bored so I’m okay with that. The teachers all joined in with some comments and it seemed they really understood what I was bring to the table.

My hope is that you’ll do the same. Stay creative with your careers. Understand the power of the web. And use your powers for good. Thanks for listening!

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A Message of Hope with Dave Arnold

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 11.26.25 AMToday I had the privilege of interviewing Dave Arnold, an author, speaker and lover of Christ. He is passionate about helping others with their struggles in life and finding their purpose.

We chatted about various things ranging from what “hope” actually is to refugees to his recently released book. This interview got a little more life-changing based but we also noted that the lines between business and life are blurred more now than ever. I will say it’s important to draw lines, but with social media these days, we have to be who we are all the time.

A few things you’ll get from this episode:

  • What is “Hope” exactly?
  • How we are all connected to each other
  • How people are disappointed with life but still figure out how to live it
  • Why we need to live for so much more than just the dollar
  • 2 things Dave learned from refugees
  • God is at work in the hard places in life

I trust you’ll listen to this episode as it’s very powerful. I believe in the message Dave has in his book, Pilgrims of the Alley and I trust you will too.

Thanks again Dave for your contribution to God’s Kingdom, this world, this podcast and my life. You’re awesome, keep up the incredible work!

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3 Reasons Consultants Are the Future of Business

Today’s podcast is going to be a bit different. I’m not having a guest this week but rather just doing it all myself. So you’ll get to hear from me on the topic of flexibility. Allow me to explain.

Big brands want to be us.

“Yeah, right!” you say. But it’s true.

The bigger brands are, the longer it takes them to turn the ship. The longer it takes them to respond to the changing market and some of that is because they are usually the last to feel those changes.

Social media has done something that the world has never seen. It’s put the power of change and innovation in the consumers hands instead of big money and business. This is why the model of the industrial age is failing and having an insanely difficult time figuring out what to do.

But before I go into too much detail, let me give you the highlights, then we’ll get onto the show! In this episode I’ll discuss:

  • 3 reasons why big business want to be small
  • The example of Starbucks and how they “get it”
  • Why we need to remain flexible
  • What the future holds for those of us who have personal brands
  • How consultants are the future of business

I hope that gives you a pretty good idea what we’ll be discussing. My plan to start doing this about once a month, depending on the response of it. If you have any feedback, feel free to email me or leave a comment. I’d be honored to address it at the end of the next show if it needs to be. Thanks!

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Building Strong Relationships with Dan Black

More pictures 003You’ve heard me talk about building relationships and the importance of it. I even dub it as a Super Power in my book The Connection Brand.

But few compare to the amazingness (just made that word) of Dan Black and his mad commenting and relationship fostering skills. I attribute much of my connections today to this guy because he was the first to comment on my blog and I found many of my other online friends through him as well.

If you’re looking to learn how to build connections online, this guy has it figured out. It take hard work, time and dedication, but he will tell you it’s worth it.

In this interview we talk about:

  • Why we loves leadership so much
  • How to maintain contacts/relationships
  • How to be strategic about finding new people
  • Byproducts of having strong relationships
  • Dan’s #1 tip for building awesome connections
  • His upcoming book!

This is an awesome interview. I was very excited that Dan agreed to come on the show and share some of his awesome wisdom with myself and you guys as well. If you don’t know him, you will want to connect with him asap. Thanks again Dan for your leadership, I appreciate it so much!

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Making Major Life Changes with Ben Dempsey

bendempseyMaking changes in life can be incredibly hard to do. It requires that we get out of our comfort zones, put in tons of effort and go through pain and failures many times. But Ben Dempsey has done just that to go from couch potato to health coach.

Ben’s story is incredible. He was well over the 300 lb mark and had little to do with his family because he mostly vegged out watching TV and eating all day. But one morning, he decided it was time to change. He now is a marathoner and health coach that helps people deal with the struggles of getting into a healthier lifestyle.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • “Defy the plateau!” Ben’s personal motto
  • How building relationships has helped him
  • His new book coming out in July
  • Life change vs. Diet
  • How small, gradual changes for the long-term matter

Listen carefully to the nuggets he provides that can relate to your personal brand. These can help us to understand the core of making major changes and how impactful the little things can be in our lives.

Thanks Ben for coming on the show, it was an honor to have you!

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Good ideas come from many ideas with Erik Fisher

Sweet deal! I’ve got Erik Fisher, the voice behind BeyondTheTodoList.com and it’s glorious podcast. If you don’t subscribe to that one, do it now.

Erik is going to share some productivity tips with us today as well as his very own quote that he came up with. No one else has claimed it, so it belongs to him.

On a more serious note, this is a great episode. Erik talks about everything from his catalyst in getting started podcasting to how he has connected with some awesome people to get where he’s has. And he sprinkles in a little bit about productivity, of course.

Key points of the show are:

  • Look ahead to see what people in your niche are doing (right or wrong)
  • “Good ideas come from lots of ideas.” Erik Fisher (Tweet that!)
  • Sometimes it’s best to just ask
  • How to use connections to build clout
  • How jury duty relates to branding

And oh so much more. Just give it a listen. No need to read anymore here. Thanks Erik for your awesome ideas, which clearly came from many.

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Erik’s Resources


Twitter @erikjfisher

Other Resources

Cliff Ravenscraft – PodcastAnswerMan.com



Entreleadership Book

Craig Jarrow – TimeManagementNinja.com

My Launch Team

If you want to be involved, go here.

The Importance of Professionalism with Andy Rutledge

andy rutledge design professionalismEntrepreneurship is about much more than just following your dreams. You better be passionate about being in business and love it!

Andy Rutledge is a designer and strong advocate of professionalism. He relates it to the design industry but it can really be translated to any industry. Andy is the author of Design Professionalism, founder of The Academy of Design Professionals and co-founder of Unit Interactive.

As a brand, Andy is a great example of one that has taken a stance on several things and has built loyal followers and haters alike. I value his professionalism in all aspects and am very excited to introduce you to him.

Here’s a few quick things you’ll learn in this episode.

  • A brand is a promise
  • As entrepreneurs, we must love business
  • How he deliberately sets up his work to NOT talk to everyone
  • What professionalism really is
  • A professional’s thoughts on crowd-sourcing and why it is the worst way to go

I hope you’ll find Andy online and tell him you appreciate his stance on professionalism. Regardless of your views and whether they mesh well with his is beside the point. Understand that true professionals are needed in every industry.

Thanks again Andy for your contribution to the design world and beyond. I appreciate you taking the time to share your wisdom!

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You Are Your Own Superhero with Chris Brogan

chris brogan, personal branding, marketing small business

Chris Brogan. Need I say more?

This guy has 5 books (a blunder I made in the interview :D) and is insanely awesome in most every way. He says “You are the superhero you have been waiting for.” That you need to take permission for your life.

He also tells you to put your own CAPE on. 

  • Confidence
  • Acceptance
  • Permission
  • Execution

So do it. Listen to this, buy the book (and his others) and get on his newsletter. It’s all awesome and will help you insanely throughout your life and career.

Chris’ Tip:

Start somewhere and stop copying. If you start now, there is a lot more opportunity for people to see you how you are and not the echo of somebody else.

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Platform Building and a Full Time Job with Jeff Goins

build a platform with jeff goinsLast week you found out you needed to take permission and get going with your dream.

This week, you’ll find out how to do that. I’m excited to have Jeff Goins tell his story a bit and talk about how he took a stance as a writer and built his platform while maintaining a full time job.

I’m sure this is something many of you can relate to so I’m super duper psyched he has decided to talk about it a little bit. Jeff says, “Balance is a myth.” He believes in harmony. But you’ll have to listen to find out what he means by that.

Take the information he says and apply it. There’s no turning back and no excuses now!

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