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4 things i’ve learned every new project must have

I’ve been working on something. I think it’s going to be pretty cool and seems like quite a few other people agree on that since it’s been getting some traction.

But more than that, I’ve noticed that it hits 4 things that I’ve compiled as a collection of what other people say projects need. Seth Godin says that every project needs to work better when more people use it. That’s the social part of it.

Pat Flynn talks a ton about creating residual income so you’re not trading time for money. As I’m mostly doing now. (trading time for money)

And marketers, copywriters and your mom tell us how important it is to find a niche and fill a gap in it.

So that’s what I’ve learned are the 4 things every project need to help it possibly succeed. Doesn’t mean it will. It just boosts the chances a bit.

The 4 things.

  1. targets a niche
  2. fills a gap in that niche
  3. creates residual income
  4. works better as more people use it.

You can tweet that if you want.

A few examples for you.

Facebook targeted a niche when they started. They targeted specific universities and then branched out to all universities. They were up and running strong for a couple years before it was released to the public.

Pressgram, which is in beta launch as we speak, fills the gap for those of us that aren’t too interested in dealing with Instagram and Facebook. It allows us to take photos, apply filters and have them post to our own blog so that we actually own the content. It’s gonna rock so be sure to check it out. Thanks John for all you do.

Residual income is where something we build makes money for us while we sleep. It could a book on Amazon, a video course, email course or anything of that nature. It could even be various products we sell on our sites or affilate programs we link to because they provide value. As long as you aren’t directly trading time for money, you are getting residual income.

Social media, in a nutshell, works better when more people use it. Facebook works better when you’re friends on there. So does Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, etc. Your project should work better when more people use it. It has to scale and have a reason for people to talk about it. Otherwise, you’re building something for the 1900’s.

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The future of business is all about connection

“If you’re not interested in connecting with people, get out of business.”

This is what I led off my presentation to the Greater Fort Worth Association of REALTORS. I spoke there on Monday (5-20) and was able to share some of my ideas on connection branding.

I hope you understand by now that the core of business is all about connection. Nothing more, and certainly, nothing less!

Above you’ll find a 10 minute video where I’ve pieced together some of the best moment during the speech. I hope you enjoy. I hope you comment. But most of all, I hope you do something with it.

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5 Things I Noticed Immediately About the New G+ (and why you need to join me!)

Today’s a bit different. It’s about a tool that we can all use to help spread our message.

I was floored by the changes that G+ came out with last night (actually just a few hours ago as I write this) and I wanted to share a few of my personal insights with you.

As you know, I’m a designer so visuals, functionality and user experience (UX) and all very important to me. Google in general has made strides in the past few years first making major updates to their gmail platform. I knew they must have finally decided to focus some attention on visuals and UX at that point.

Now, I’m certain of it.


Book Review: I’ve Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do?

Normally, you get things regarding branding from me and how to affect your personal brand. But every now and then I stumble across something that is a little out of the norm but still makes sense. This is one of those.

My friend, Ernie Wenk, has recently released the first of several booklets that target those people that have just been promoted to a higher position. This makes a lot of sense for personal branding too, if we really think about it.


The Connection Brand: Official Book Launch

subscribe-download-connectionbrandToday is the day my awesome launch team has been helping me prepare for! They’ve been awesome at giving me feedback and I want to give a shout out to them all. You’ll find links to all their sites at the bottom of this post so be sure to check them and their blogs out, they rock so much!

So with that, I want to introduce to you the book, The Connection Brand.


An Email Course to Help You Find More (and better) Clients

Today marks the official (public) launch of my 9 week email course dedicated to helping you find more clients…and better ones at that!

The course is a pay-what-you-want model with the minimun being feedback to improve the course. So really, there’s no risk to trying it! On top of that, I’ve got some sweet bonuses I’ve listed below!

But act now because these expire at midnight on Jan 31, 2013!

  • The first 5 people to signup will get a 1 hour, one-on-one consultation with me – a $150 value!
  • The next 10 will get a 30 minute consultation – a $100 value
  • The next 25 will get a group Q&A session.

And all of these come with my audio program “How to Grow and Consolidate Your Branding Efforts”

There’s more to the course but you get the gist of it.

So, you ready? Read a bit more and signup here!

THRIVE: The New Economy and Education

Today we touch on something most of us have been a part of all our lives. It’s near and dear to our hearts simply because it’s needed, but it’s broken.

The public education system is something that I have long struggled to accept as it has many flaws but seems to be one of those “necessary evils.” I hate to look at it that way, it just seems that’s the best words I can put to it.

But maybe it’s not the system itself that is broken beyond repair, but the factors and dependency that too many people put on it to make their lives whole.

Let’s explore this a bit.


THRIVE: The New Economy and Careers

All too often we hear about companies that have cut benefits, laid off thousands and/or cut retirement. Some of these are huge companies whom we never thought would be struggling for money.

The simple fact is that the industrial revolution is over. We do not need as many people working in factories anymore nor should we expect the opportunity that so many people over the past 100 or so years had.

I have long since decided that going to work for a large company for benefits is completely useless. But the conversations still come around from time to time…


THRIVE: The New Economy and Family

To start this series off, we’re going to delve into on something quite touchy. It will involve dependence on government, a company and ultimately, man. There will be no need to state my views on government as I think they will come across very clearly.

But to clarify, I love my country. I respect the Oval Office and the President who occupies it. It is my duty as a Christian to respect the authorities placed above me by God. So while my view may differ from yours and that of our current president, if you must, please disagree respectfully.


‎”Did you know that every human being is created with a purpose and that they have a responsibility to not only discover their purpose but also to fulfill it?”

– Zig Ziglar