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Processed to death




These are all terms that came about during the industrial age. They mean to find better ways of doing things on a massive scale. Or closely related to that anyway.

The problem is, they don’t scale in the connection economy.

What happens when you process food too much? When you put it through so many steps over a lengthy period of time?

You destroy the essence of it. The nutrients are all but wiped out. The “food” can barely be called food anymore because it’s been factory-made and injected with so many chemicals that you might as well not eat it at all. Nutrition wise, it does little for your body.

Processed foods also have a completely different taste. Most of the time you can tell the difference between them and the original food it started as, if it did in fact start as a real food. The composition of it is just different. The texture is different. It’s no longer the same as it once was.

The problem is that we’ve processed our business to death. We’ve destroyed the essence of it. The nutrients. The real meaning behind why we do it. It’s all gone.

Like processed foods, we have put business through the ringer and turned it into something completely foreign to what it actually started out as. Which is, of course, to serve value to people.

The other problem is that this doesn’t work in the connection economy. We are in a time where people want to build connection with us and want to hear from us personally but we’re doing all we can do “streamline” or “process” our way to be able to serve more people.

The connection economy won’t allow it. We’ve got to get back to the basics of human business and that is going to require removing some processes.

Business has thrived on connections for many years and now that opportunity is resurfacing on a level we’ve never seen before.

Question: What are you doing to truly connect with people? Do they know you care?

3 Reasons Why Small Brands Have a Leg-up on Large Ones

The connection economy is taking us all by storm. We are all learning how it works and many are grabbing onto the future while some are struggling to hang on to the past.

I trust that you are looking forward.

Which brings us to an interesting point in history. For the past 100 years or so, the industrial age has had it’s processes and created the way things work into today’s business world. They have done a great job of creating the world we have today, for the most part, and the infrastructure that has been built worked well for many years.

But things have changed.

The Connection Brand: Official Book Launch

subscribe-download-connectionbrandToday is the day my awesome launch team has been helping me prepare for! They’ve been awesome at giving me feedback and I want to give a shout out to them all. You’ll find links to all their sites at the bottom of this post so be sure to check them and their blogs out, they rock so much!

So with that, I want to introduce to you the book, The Connection Brand.


THRIVE: Social Media and Communication

So what is social media anyway? Is it this whole web 2.0 thing? Or is it Twitter? What does it mean to blog?

These are things people seem to be confused about. They are second nature to me, but I often find myself in discussions where people don’t truly understand the power this holds.

Social media is just communication.


THRIVE: Social Media and Ignorance

As the saying goes, “Ignorance is bliss.”

But I have to say that ignorance is no longer an excuse…and in today’s world, it’s anything but bliss.

We are living in a knowledge based society where we get paid for what we know, not so much for what we do. So is ignorance still bliss?

Not in my book.


NOTE: If you haven’t read the beginning of this series or the previous post, do.

Having Knowledge

Simply knowing a little more about something than most other people can quickly make you an authority on a subject.

I have found this to be true with things like social media, web design and even a little marketing. People often come to me asking about these things or ask my opinion on something related to one of the three.

Does it mean I’m a know-it-all? Certainly not. But I often can make a better call just because of the experience I have in those fields.

You have something you’re better at than most other people are as well. Maybe it’s carpentry. I can barely cut a piece of wood straight…much less build anything with more than one side.

Maybe you’re great with listening or an encouragement to people in distress. I don’t know your gift, but you better share it with the world or you’re doing us all a disservice.

Having knowledge about something is A key today. I say A because it doesn’t mean you’re automatically an authority…you still have to act on it, be humble and work hard to prove you are. But it does make it easier when you’re clearly good at something within your close circle of friends.

What does this have to do with ignorance?

We no longer have a choice to be ignorant on a subject. We can still not know everything about it…but we should at least have a working knowledge of it even if it’s just to find out it’s something we aren’t gifted with. Watch a few YouTube videos on building a fort or smoking a brisket. You’ll either find you want to try it or hire a pro to do it awesome.

Either way, equipping yourself with knowledge is A key to succeeding in today’s marketplace.


We discussed career a bit already but we have to understand just how powerful social media is in our career and lives these days.

What happens on Facebook, stays on Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc. Things spread. That can be a very good thing if you’re spreading what you want people to know about you…or very bad if you’re not.

Over the past few months, I have really begun to understand just how interested people still are in the subject of social media. I still hear people making jokes about “What’s web 2.0 anyway?” That sort of thing kinda baffles me but at the same time it helps me to understand my place in this world much better.

As we move through the years of this social media stuff, we will see more and more “average Joe’s” becoming authorities on subjects. We will see people emerge from nothing telling their rags to riches stories all the live long day. And we’ll see people landing (or creating) jobs they rightfully earn from a little management of their social networks.

It doesn’t mean we need to be someone we’re not (quite the opposite actually), it just means that we have to understand what we put out there will affect us more and more.

I can tell you right now, there’s plenty of people that would never hire me based on my beliefs. Not necessarily spiritual ones, but the fact that I like to push the status quo.

I like to think big. Dream big. Act big.

That doesn’t fly with some employers. They want people that take direction well and do things because they say to do them. (ahem…like our schools…)

Anyways. The point being that social media WILL affect you. Understand that. Accept it. And make it work for you!

Conclusion and Possibilities

We’re in a great time. A great place in time to make awesome things happen. But only if we’re intentional about what we do with what we’ve been given.

I’ve written about your gift being a gift. I’ve written about our new economy (a few times).

And now I’ve told you how you can’t be ignorant about anything anymore.

The question is, will you listen?

THRIVE: Social Media and Real Networks

The rise of social media over the past few years has really taken hold of our economy. And it’s changing it in a huge way.

This part of the series will not be about how to use social media or how effective one platform or another can be for you or your organization. It’s about connections. It’s about extending your true self.

It’s about the future and how content on these platforms will impact our careers and lives.

And it’s about time.


The Art of Being Unapologetic

Stand for what you believe in even if you’re standing alone.

I remember this was on practically ever wall in my elementary school. It was like they wanted us to stand up for our beliefs…but only to the extent they aligned with theirs.

And the older I get, the more I realize the need for us to be unapologetic for our beliefs. Not to the point that we are rude or disrespectful, but to the point that people know what we stand for and can trust that will never change.

Being unapologetic in our thinking in today’s economy allows us to be extremely vulnerable. – Tweet that!


Social Media and Ignorance

So what is social media…really?

People try to make it so complicated. Like it’s some sort of new thing that we’ve never heard of before. Like Twitter is complex and completely out of their league or realm of expertise.


Guest Post On Problogger

Today marks a huge milestone for me, it’s the official launch of my guest post on Problogger.net

I realize many of you have already read it so please accept my apologies for sending this a bit late. The truth is, I totally forgot Australia is a full day ahead of us…so…I was prepared for Friday the 24th U.S time…not Friday the 24th, Australia time. Funny stuff!

So, technically, yesterday marked a huge day but we’ll pretend today is equally important!

The Real, #1, Most Obvious Reason No One’s Reading Your Blog

The post revolves around the idea that we all feel entitled to have someone reading our blog. The thing is, we aren’t entitled to anyone’s time or attention. This is a crazy, busy world and we need to respect those around us.

The other awesome thing about this post is that I, along with 4 other guys much awesomer than myself, have written an eBook that is free when you read the post over at Problogger. But you can only find the link on that post so head on over, read it, share it, comment and click the link in the byline at the bottom to be directed to this awesome book.

Just for kicks, here’s an excerpt:

You are writing awesome, compelling, new-to-the-world content that will change the course of history, yet no one is reading it. Except your mom. And the reason is that we forget that we’re not entitled to anyone’s attention. Not any more.

We forget that everyone else thinks they are just as awesome as we think we are. It’s really a problem. We forget to ask permission to talk to them and then wonder why we’re losing followers on Twitter when we post 30 times a day about our recent blog post!

And then click here to read the full post.

The eBook you will find is titled: “The Big Blog Push: How to Turn Your Blog Into an Empire“.

It’s awesome.

I know I’m part of it…but the contributors made it what it is. In fact, you may know a few of them, the are:

Kimanzi Constable, Mike Vardy, Dan Black and Taylor Potts (cover designer).

Told you…all awesome guys!

So that’s all I got for now. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to grab your eBook!