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THRIVE: At the Core

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We’re going to tie this whole series together! The goal of the series is to help you understand a few key things.

  1. Christ should be at the center of our lives
  2. We have a purpose in this life
  3. We are living in a changed world

So I hope and trust that you got those…or at least a couple out of this. It sort of sets the tone for what I’ve been doing the past several months here. I’m not a pro at this blogging thing. I’m not an expert on social media either. I’m just a regular guy trying to do something awesome, something worthwhile and something to please my God.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as it shares my heart. So here we go with wrapping it up.


THRIVE: For Your Purpose

It’s the age-old question…

What is my purpose? or Why am I here?

I believe there is a pretty simple answer to that at the core. The interesting part comes when we get away from the core and try to figure out our daily lives.


THRIVE: In Your Career

Now that we have a clean, fresh and new mindset as well as a few actionable items, it’s time to explore the heart of this series.

For the next few posts, we will go over 3 areas that are core to everything we do.

They are your career, your purpose and your dream. Only when they are all working together will you truly have passion for your work in this world.


THRIVE: Social Media and Communication

So what is social media anyway? Is it this whole web 2.0 thing? Or is it Twitter? What does it mean to blog?

These are things people seem to be confused about. They are second nature to me, but I often find myself in discussions where people don’t truly understand the power this holds.

Social media is just communication.


THRIVE: Social Media and Ignorance

As the saying goes, “Ignorance is bliss.”

But I have to say that ignorance is no longer an excuse…and in today’s world, it’s anything but bliss.

We are living in a knowledge based society where we get paid for what we know, not so much for what we do. So is ignorance still bliss?

Not in my book.


NOTE: If you haven’t read the beginning of this series or the previous post, do.

Having Knowledge

Simply knowing a little more about something than most other people can quickly make you an authority on a subject.

I have found this to be true with things like social media, web design and even a little marketing. People often come to me asking about these things or ask my opinion on something related to one of the three.

Does it mean I’m a know-it-all? Certainly not. But I often can make a better call just because of the experience I have in those fields.

You have something you’re better at than most other people are as well. Maybe it’s carpentry. I can barely cut a piece of wood straight…much less build anything with more than one side.

Maybe you’re great with listening or an encouragement to people in distress. I don’t know your gift, but you better share it with the world or you’re doing us all a disservice.

Having knowledge about something is A key today. I say A because it doesn’t mean you’re automatically an authority…you still have to act on it, be humble and work hard to prove you are. But it does make it easier when you’re clearly good at something within your close circle of friends.

What does this have to do with ignorance?

We no longer have a choice to be ignorant on a subject. We can still not know everything about it…but we should at least have a working knowledge of it even if it’s just to find out it’s something we aren’t gifted with. Watch a few YouTube videos on building a fort or smoking a brisket. You’ll either find you want to try it or hire a pro to do it awesome.

Either way, equipping yourself with knowledge is A key to succeeding in today’s marketplace.


We discussed career a bit already but we have to understand just how powerful social media is in our career and lives these days.

What happens on Facebook, stays on Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc. Things spread. That can be a very good thing if you’re spreading what you want people to know about you…or very bad if you’re not.

Over the past few months, I have really begun to understand just how interested people still are in the subject of social media. I still hear people making jokes about “What’s web 2.0 anyway?” That sort of thing kinda baffles me but at the same time it helps me to understand my place in this world much better.

As we move through the years of this social media stuff, we will see more and more “average Joe’s” becoming authorities on subjects. We will see people emerge from nothing telling their rags to riches stories all the live long day. And we’ll see people landing (or creating) jobs they rightfully earn from a little management of their social networks.

It doesn’t mean we need to be someone we’re not (quite the opposite actually), it just means that we have to understand what we put out there will affect us more and more.

I can tell you right now, there’s plenty of people that would never hire me based on my beliefs. Not necessarily spiritual ones, but the fact that I like to push the status quo.

I like to think big. Dream big. Act big.

That doesn’t fly with some employers. They want people that take direction well and do things because they say to do them. (ahem…like our schools…)

Anyways. The point being that social media WILL affect you. Understand that. Accept it. And make it work for you!

Conclusion and Possibilities

We’re in a great time. A great place in time to make awesome things happen. But only if we’re intentional about what we do with what we’ve been given.

I’ve written about your gift being a gift. I’ve written about our new economy (a few times).

And now I’ve told you how you can’t be ignorant about anything anymore.

The question is, will you listen?

THRIVE: Social Media and Real Networks

The rise of social media over the past few years has really taken hold of our economy. And it’s changing it in a huge way.

This part of the series will not be about how to use social media or how effective one platform or another can be for you or your organization. It’s about connections. It’s about extending your true self.

It’s about the future and how content on these platforms will impact our careers and lives.

And it’s about time.


THRIVE: The New Economy and Education

Today we touch on something most of us have been a part of all our lives. It’s near and dear to our hearts simply because it’s needed, but it’s broken.

The public education system is something that I have long struggled to accept as it has many flaws but seems to be one of those “necessary evils.” I hate to look at it that way, it just seems that’s the best words I can put to it.

But maybe it’s not the system itself that is broken beyond repair, but the factors and dependency that too many people put on it to make their lives whole.

Let’s explore this a bit.


THRIVE: The New Economy and Careers

All too often we hear about companies that have cut benefits, laid off thousands and/or cut retirement. Some of these are huge companies whom we never thought would be struggling for money.

The simple fact is that the industrial revolution is over. We do not need as many people working in factories anymore nor should we expect the opportunity that so many people over the past 100 or so years had.

I have long since decided that going to work for a large company for benefits is completely useless. But the conversations still come around from time to time…


THRIVE: The New Economy and Family

To start this series off, we’re going to delve into on something quite touchy. It will involve dependence on government, a company and ultimately, man. There will be no need to state my views on government as I think they will come across very clearly.

But to clarify, I love my country. I respect the Oval Office and the President who occupies it. It is my duty as a Christian to respect the authorities placed above me by God. So while my view may differ from yours and that of our current president, if you must, please disagree respectfully.