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Advice from those that have gone before us is important, almost necessary.

The problem arises when the advice coming in doesn’t match with the goals we have for our lives. It might be hard to ignore out of respect or courtesy. But a scrutiny of the source is vitally important as well.

Advice from the wrong place could destroy. Even easier to overlook, is bad advice from a seemingly good source.

Breaking a model.

I’ve been trying to think of something new to build that will impact people in a positive way. One that will help people’s lives in some form or fashion.

Our inclination is to stick with a traditional model that has worked well in the past. That’s the easier path, but still a hard one.

The more difficult, but possibly more rewarding path, is to break an old model. Though I would venture to say that most people wouldn’t recommend it, it’s definitely where my head is. Changing the way people find places to stay while on vacation like Airbnb did wasn’t a simple execution. It met plenty of challenges. Allowing people to rent your car while you’re not using it like Flightcar or Getaround takes guts. Even creating a line of eyeglasses that people want to buy more than one pair of like Warby Parker, had it’s moments of struggle.

But they all broke an old model. And I will create something someday that will break a model. Which model exactly is up for grabs. But I assure you that it will have an impact on God’s kingdom in some way. For that, is the ultimate goal.


Job Switching vs. Job Jumping

Job switching is the one we don’t want. Where we constantly are changing fields, career paths and never honing a particular subject to it’s mastery.

Job jumping though, is how we become the master of our craft. It resides within a given field or line of interest.

Switching from job to job your entire life is useless if you’re wanting to become a master. Jumping, however, requires extreme perseverance and that’s been embedded in every genius’ story throughout history.

We don’t need more jobs.

The future of education isn’t in teaching specific things to everyone that walks through the door. Sure, there are things people need to know how to do. Read. Write. Do simple math. But beyond that, most everything is available at our fingertips and that isn’t going to of style anytime soon.

Let’s frame the issue a little more than my other article.

We have a shortage of jobs. Everyone knows this. That’s the reason a main political topic is “Create more jobs.” The problem is, we can’t.

We can’t create more jobs because we have enough stuff. In fact, we have more than enough stuff and no one to buy it. We have 47 kinds of toothpaste that all do virtually the same thing. We have Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Coke with Lime. Variations galore.

What we don’t have is way to foster hope and dreams in the children of our society. We tend to single out the ones that sound crazy with their ridiculous thoughts of changing the world. We push them to achieve status by the time they are out of high school. And then we celebrate the accomplishment of graduation as if it means they have accomplished something vital to their life. What they have really done is figure out how to A) follow the rules and stop dreaming or B) suppress their dreams long enough to work their way through the system. Those are the only two options.

If they achieve A, they have become another perfect product of the system. A compliant worker for an economy that doesn’t need anymore.

If they achieve B, they might have a chance of success in spite of school, not because of it. Where we feel it should empower, it more often than not, hinders with a false sense of hope.

What this really comes down to is dreams. The system steals them away for over 13 years but the truly valuable trait in the marketplace is creative thinking on the edge. Our culture has filled our heads with status propaganda to the point that we don’t have any self worth outside of our belongings and status on Twitter.

What we need is simplification. What we need is a way to guide our children to think for themselves, strive for goodness and care for the people around them.

The interesting thing is, there is a single book that teaches all of these principles, perfectly. It’s called The Bible.

Small businesses and the state of their websites

Throwing out the spectrum of eCommerce or online only businesses, we come to a very interesting question that arises in my field of work from time to time. 

I was talking with a lady the other day who runs a small bakery in town. She has a website but says it’s useless to her and Facebook has been the driving factor for much of her business growth. She also has more business than she can handle at the moment and none it has come from the large amount she spent on the site. (Actually, it’s a very small amount).

After finding out I build websites for a living, she raised a question that I’ve never been asked so blatantly before. “So, are websites going out?”

Let me address this.

A). No

B). Yes. For some.

Businesses like hers will likely never fully utilize a website because they don’t need it. They could, but it would be a waste of resources due to the nature of their business.

Larger companies, however, would be lost without them. Running everything from customer accounts to billing to sales, technical support and contact information, we’d be irritated beyond measure if they disappeared. And they won’t. The Connection Economy will not allow that link to go away.

But, back to small local businesses. If a remarkable product is created, superior customer service is offered and the story that customers tell themselves and their friends are all in sync, a small business has little to no need for a website. It could utilize one by allowing email signups or showcasing hours and testimonies, but it wouldn’t be completely necessary. And since we looking for necessary, the answer is: No. Small businesses do not need a website to survive and thrive.

One thing to note about this is that I’m not advocating for people to stop building them. I am advocating for a brand analysis to be conducted first before any resources are put into any form of marketing. This can help a small business determine what is truly needed and of benefit. If you need it, I’m here for you.


The vast majority of us living here in America (or similar) have our basic needs met. Basic needs and then a small warehouse full of wants. And so we have come to confuse the definition of “need” and “want” as well as “necessity” vs. “option.”

But when it comes to business, many of us are struggling to get the bills paid and steady cash coming in the door. This could be true for the moonlighter, but almost always for the entrepreneur or freelancer. The start up years are the hardest and you want to quit many times.

This project I’m embarking on is going to explore what is really necessary to success today. The term “success” is defined on dictionary.com as the accomplishment of one’s goals. We’ll go with that so it can be dependent on each of our personal goals.

My hope is that you’ll subscribe (on the left over there) and be involved in the process. I encourage you to reply to my emails with your thoughts or suggestions. But there are 2 things you’ll notice about this project.

  1. No comments on posts.
  2. I’d rather the information get shared.

This isn’t just my journey. It’s yours. And others. And it’s time we found out what is truly necessary in the midst of all the tools we have at our disposal today.

This is broken…

Things in our lives are broken all around us. They are a certain way because they’ve always been that way. But they don’t have to be. Here’s a sign that is broken not because it’s cracked…but because it’s useless in it’s current state.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 11.17.29 PM


It’s located in the family restroom above the changing table. Brilliant.

A few simple things could have been done to make this functional (and useful).

  • Someone could have not taken direction from a person or plan that clearly made a mistake.
  • Someone else could have quality checked it.
  • One of the many employees that cleans the bathroom could have changed it.
  • The store manager probably has power to move it.
  • It could have been put almost anywhere else in the store and been more useful than here.

Give things some thought. Maybe they don’t have to be broken. What can you unbreak in your life?

Join me for an online Seth Godin modern marketing class

I just signed up for a class called “The Modern Marketing Workshop” with Seth Godin. It’s offered through Skillshare.com, which is new to me but so totally incredible. If you’re at all interested in marketing, you should jump on board. Signup here (and see below for discount details)

Here’s an excerpt from what the class is about from Seth.

An Online Skillshare Class by Seth Godin

If you can’t see the video, click here.

If that wasn’t enough to persuade you, I’m not sure what is. And I’ve also got some discounts for you if you’d like. The class is only $19 anyways, but I got mine down to $6.15. Here’s how.

– Use this link to get $10 off (and it will give me $10 as well).

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That should get you down to a grand total of $6.15. Not that this won’t be worth thousands, but I’ll take a deal if I can get it. Hope to see you there. Be sure to follow me if you join and we’ll talk in class.

How to customize the “click to tweet” WordPress plugin

I don’t normally write posts like this but I thought it would be nice to share with you since so many of you have WordPress blogs. If you haven’t seen the new Click to Tweet Wordpress plugin that came out recently, you might want to check it out.

It makes adding those tweetable quotes super easy, which means that you may get shared more. I know that Andy Traub mentioned he had a boost because of it and I’m sure there are others that have too.

The plugin itself generates a pretty nice look. But I’ve seen in the comments of the original post that people are wanting to customize it a bit more. So I asked the plugin developer if I could write a post that would help people customize it with CSS and he said it would be great.