Revisiting Perspective

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I’m a big advocate of paying attention to the perspective on a situation. I think there are multiple ways someone can look at a situation that can lead to multiple solutions. That might be why I question things more than I used to. That, and my wife is very good at questioning things and finding […]

What does it matter?

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All the great minds in marketing today speak of mattering. Build something that matters to the right people. Create something to where you will be missed when you’re gone. Serve in the places where you’ll matter the most. All true if you’re looking at it from a worldly perspective. This, which I am very guilty […]

Breaking a model.

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I’ve been trying to think of something new to build that will impact people in a positive way. One that will help people’s lives in some form or fashion. Our inclination is to stick with a traditional model that has worked well in the past. That’s the easier path, but still a hard one. The […]

The no additional fees economy

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[Hint. It doesn’t exist yet.] Technology makes things cheaper. Cheaper to operate. Cheaper to build, maintain and streamline. So why then do we have a wide variety of businesses from government agencies to movie theaters that charge their customer more to use their online system? Charging your customers extra to use your online system is […]

We don’t need more jobs.

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The future of education isn’t in teaching specific things to everyone that walks through the door. Sure, there are things people need to know how to do. Read. Write. Do simple math. But beyond that, most everything is available at our fingertips and that isn’t going to of style anytime soon. Let’s frame the issue […]