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Change is only constant we know today.

Change phones.

Change plans.

Change ideas or marketing or clothes or friends.

It isn’t bad. But it’s hard.

The one thing I’m learning from all the changes I’m experiencing right now is that I only have to please one. The one that made me. That provides for me. That shelters and heals me and forces me to grow.

Regardless of what changes are occurring, our focus should always be on Him.

  • Dina

    Change is the one thing that remains constant. Things are constantly changing. That being said there is one who never changes….He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Lean on HIM and all of the changing will bear much fruit. The cool thing is that as you teach and write about Jared: our fruit is unique and we want it to change so that we do not get stagnate. It was great to see you at the DR event the other night!

    • Great to see you too. Thanks for the comment and words of wisdom. 😀