For Churches


Request a meeting today to get on the path to reaching more lost people with the Gospel of Jesus!

1. Setup a Meeting

It's time for your church to have a digital ministry to reach the lost. This is not just a social media page or plan, it's an active ministry and it needs your attention!

2. Build your Digital Ministry Team!

Together we'll build your legitimate digital ministry team from your own congregation!

3. Lead More People to Christ!

You'll have the plan and team to lead more lost people to Christ through digital media!

The Problem

Churches are lacking a vital piece of communication in today's world. We are lacking proper use of the internet and what it has to offer in terms of reaching the lost and supporting believers. That is why I say we need to legitimize digital ministry now!

We simply aren't drawing people in with the message of Jesus. We rarely go outside of our walls and expect somehow for people to trickle in on their own wanting to know about Christ. That isn't the case.

The "build it and they will come" mentality has to go. The idea that your digital communication such as Facebook, Instagram and other should be used as a billboard for your events is blatantly wrong. We need to be targeting the lost and those stagnant in their faith. These tools are part of an active ministry, not an internal, feel-good place to share random thoughts.

The church's problem is that we are doing a major disservice to the Gospel by not using it on the largest communication platform the world has ever seen. 


In case you aren't aware, I have been in marketing and web design for 20 years. I've written for some of the largest leadership blogs in the world, been a podcast host and interviewed top leadership minds in the various industries. I even wrote a book based on a concept I created called The Connection Brand. So in terms of credibility in the marketing world, I have all the right things.

The reason I lay that out there isn't to tout it for my benefit, but rather to show that God can take an ordinary young kid and mold him through life to be the tool he needs to be for a ministry. And that is exactly what God has done with me. I have had a passion for working with ministries since an early age but never got the chance or made the opportunity to do so. But now, with my background and experience, I am poised to help churches spread the Gospel like never before.

It's time to take action

So I encourage you to contact me. I have a bit more church specific information on this page about building a digital ministry. And any of my other pages, although not church specific, are still something I can do for you. I would love the opportunity to come speak to your congregation about the importance of digital media and help make the changes easier on you. Or if you need consult yourself, I'm happy to help. I look forward to speaking with you!