Digital Marketing Consulting

Stop wasting money on marketing right now!

Did that get your attention? If you’re thinking tactics like social media campaigns or email blasts to generate business, you’re doing it wrong. It’s like building a house and starting with the roof. That’s physically impossible to do and your business marketing is no different.

You should start with your core message. Your brand story is what we call it.

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Now for the explanation. Whether you are a business, ministry, church or something in-between, the principles apply and the process I offer WILL help.

It’s called Brand Clarity Training.

That’s right. I will train you on how to be a solid marketer with a brand message that will engage and draw in your customers like never before. Most marketing is fluff because it doesn’t have a consistent message or one that puts the customer front and center. This is a blueprint for your business’ message that you can use for years to come!

The process in simple but VERY impactful. Together, we’ll walk through your business and determine:

  • Who your customer is
  • Why they are your customer
  • How you need to talk to them
  • How you can be a bigger part of their life
  • What they expect of you
  • and much more!

My promise to you is to help you help more people. Because we’re all really in business to do just that.

A little about me

Over the years, my writing has reached over 1,000,000 readers through various online publications such as,, and more. I’ve also been interviewed on several podcasts, produced my own podcast and have been a web designer and creative director for 20 years. I thoroughly understand the marketing world and I can help you plan for it in a way that will actually get you results.

If you haven’t before, I would encourage you to consider an outside consultant like myself that could bring some very valuable information to your company.

A few benefits I can deliver on are:

  • Precise deliverables/expertise
  • Practical & personal experience
  • Help your bottom line
  • More flexibility
  • Less financial risk
  • Solid plan and direction for your future

A few topics I can train your team on are:

  • How to use blogs to get exposure
  • How to properly setup a social media plan
  • How to build your email marketing list
  • How to get exposure with podcasts
  • How to setup a social media team
  • Hiring the right ad or web agency for your company
  • Website management 101
  • And more…

Consultants are the way of the future of business. We can provide an entire room full of people with information that would take months or years of trial and error. The main reason is because we’ve been there. We have the real experience that you get to benefit from! Contact me today and let’s get training!

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