Free digital marketing tips

When it comes to giving away stuff, I probably err on the side of too much. But that’s just me. I am able to charge for things like consulting and speaking so I figure I can pass it on by putting out quality content that actually works. I do this in a few places.

First and foremost, sign up for my newsletter if you aren’t on it. You’ll get all my blog posts (just 1-2 per week). You’ll even get some of that free stuff I mentioned!

Secondly, follow me on Facebook. On my business page, I post marketing tips, articles and other useful social media information.

Thirdly, you can follow me on Twitter if that is more your forte. I post links to all my articles on there but you won’t get the tips like I put on Facebook.

I hope that helps a bit and I trust you will get value from what I put out. I only try to post things that are actually possible and have been proven to work. It’s just nicer when you can trust what someone says. Take care!