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Gaining Traction with Dan Miller

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Dan Miller 48 days to the work you loveHave you ever just felt stuck? I know I have. Maybe you’ve gotten a little traction but just can’t seem to get over the next hump? I think you’ll love this episode with Dan Miller!

Dan is a career and life coach who KNOWS how this stuff works. He is the author of 48 Days to the Work You Love and Wisdom Meets Passion, both which I highly recommend. He also runs the #1 Career podcast on iTunes so make sure to add that to your arsenal now!

But aside from that, Dan is an all around awesome guy. I love his heart for Christ and how he really practices what he preaches. When I reached out to him to come on the show, I honestly didn’t expect him to have the time. But I was wrong, as happens often. He explained to me that it wouldn’t make much sense for him to talk about people living their dreams and then turn around and not help them. It makes total sense!

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A few things we touch on:

  • Dan’s story of how he discovered that we don’t have to work in a job we hate
  • What he thinks is important for someone who wants to build a business in today’s economy
  • A bit of insight into the book Wisdom Meets Passion and why he wrote it
  • His tip to the person who’s stuck in a rut and can’t seem to get traction
  • How he goes about working with people that complement his weaknesses

Dan’s Resources: (loads of stuff including downloads, events and more) (his social community)

48 Days to the Work You Love (affiliate link)

Wisdom Meets Passion (affiliate link)

No More Mondays

48 Days Podcast


Other Resources

Pay Flynn – Smart Passive Income


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  • DS

    Jared and Dan – what a great conversation. It was helpful to hear how he farms out help, and minimizes his payroll. We all benefit from a rising tide – great words. Keep it up!

  • Awesome. Dan’s such a great guy and, incredibly, seems to find the time to help others out. Great job having him on the show!

    • Thanks Joe! 😀 It was awesome talking with him. I found it awesome that he makes time to us us little guys too!

      • That is one of the coolest things about him. Glad you got the chance to talk to him.

  • WOW…loved it Jared! Way to go!

  • Great Jared, this is good. Dan is Amazing. Thanks