Sometimes it’s okay to make a rush decision. Not always. But sometimes.

When we think of the beginning of the year, we all have the best of intentions in mind. And we set goals that we’ll probably never achieve mostly because we give up on them by mid February, if even that long. I’m guilty and I know you are as well.

But this year will be different. I’m not setting goals that are out of reach. I’m not even really setting yearly goals. I’m more or less deciding to work on this life month by month. That way I can tweak things along the way and see where I need improvement or need to scale back.

This isn’t really a post about goals though. It’s more about making a decision. A “rushed” one. I’ve decided that there are few things I know I need to do to get my business moving in the right direction. And in the past I would have tried to plan it out for weeks on end and likely never get around to it. So I’ve elected to make a few decisions on various things that have kept me from growing in the past.

One of the main ones is marketing. And too many people forget that when it comes to their website. So this year, I’m deciding now to commit to a marketing plan. I’ve already outlined the blog/email portion of it for the first quarter of the year. I’ll work on the rest as time allows over the next few weeks. I also came up with a few things that would help me work toward my goal of having a semi-steady income this year. For a freelancer, that’s a huge deal.

So with that in mind, I’d like to ask you what you’re doing for marketing? (Please tell me Facebook is not your plan.) What decisions have you put off for months or years or what commitments have you put on the back-burner? I know you have some. Make the choice today to fix that. Commit to it and make some “rush” decisions on the fly.

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