Leader or “Leader”?

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When it comes to leaders, we often forget that the word is active.

We cannot be leaders without leading. And we cannot lead without actively doing.

So why is it that so many people today are in leadership positions, and they do nothing but follow?

They follow trends. And money. And history. They even make informed, relevant decisions with great information that forces them to fall in line behind others.

So why even call them “leaders”?

Leaders lead. They create opportunity when there is little or none. They establish respect based on inspiration or ability, not on fear.

Choose today to lead or you will be forced to follow.

Make sense?

  • Makes sense to me. We should be trailblazers, making the way.

  • Agree. I have heard one way to explain leadership is, the ability to get someone to do something they normally would not have done themself, if you had not been there. That’s leadership and leadership starts with Influence. Great post, simple to the point.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! That’s a great definition!

  • Great post. I think the real way that leaders actually lead is because they break the existing rules and replace them with looser guidelines that free people up to do things differently … if only for a little while.

    • Very true indeed. Breaking all the “rules” is key for sure.

  • Short and powerful Jared. True leaders lead the way.

  • Jared, good questions. I heard Seth Godin say that most people aren’t as afraid of failure as much as they are of criticism. I can see how that cause many people in leadership positions to refuse to lead.

    • Oh definitely so. I’d second that..and just about anything else Seth says 😀 I truly appreciate you time and your willingness to share your thoughts!