I am your marketing help.

Let me handle that for you.

Who I Am

Jared Latigo

Marketing Consultant
What I do is simple. I take marketing off your plate. You have a million things to worry about and no time to learn or care about all the crazy marketing decisions and new technology that pops up daily. But you know you need it.

This is exactly why you need marketing help. It's not that you don't want to do all this, you simply don't have time. I will take the load off of you and help assist in making the right decisions for your company.

Why me? Honestly, I have been involved in some form of marketing and web design for over 17 years. I know when someone is blowing smoke and who better to find a good web developer than someone who is one? It's second nature to me. And I've worked with large, national brands only to find that I LOVE the small business, mom and pop shops more than anything. Real respect and relationships are what is valuable to me and I share that with all my clients.

I won't complicate this more than it needs to be. My contact info is below so you can call right now if you want. There's absolutely zero commitment and I have plenty of references and projects to show proof of experience. Thanks for your time and I’ll talk to you soon!

[email protected]