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Today marks a huge milestone for me, it’s the official launch of my guest post on

I realize many of you have already read it so please accept my apologies for sending this a bit late. The truth is, I totally forgot Australia is a full day ahead of us…so…I was prepared for Friday the 24th U.S time…not Friday the 24th, Australia time. Funny stuff!

So, technically, yesterday marked a huge day but we’ll pretend today is equally important!

The Real, #1, Most Obvious Reason No One’s Reading Your Blog

The post revolves around the idea that we all feel entitled to have someone reading our blog. The thing is, we aren’t entitled to anyone’s time or attention. This is a crazy, busy world and we need to respect those around us.

The other awesome thing about this post is that I, along with 4 other guys much awesomer than myself, have written an eBook that is free when you read the post over at Problogger. But you can only find the link on that post so head on over, read it, share it, comment and click the link in the byline at the bottom to be directed to this awesome book.

Just for kicks, here’s an excerpt:

You are writing awesome, compelling, new-to-the-world content that will change the course of history, yet no one is reading it. Except your mom. And the reason is that we forget that we’re not entitled to anyone’s attention. Not any more.

We forget that everyone else thinks they are just as awesome as we think we are. It’s really a problem. We forget to ask permission to talk to them and then wonder why we’re losing followers on Twitter when we post 30 times a day about our recent blog post!

And then click here to read the full post.

The eBook you will find is titled: “The Big Blog Push: How to Turn Your Blog Into an Empire“.

It’s awesome.

I know I’m part of it…but the contributors made it what it is. In fact, you may know a few of them, the are:

Kimanzi Constable, Mike Vardy, Dan Black and Taylor Potts (cover designer).

Told you…all awesome guys!

So that’s all I got for now. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to grab your eBook!

  • Congrats on guest posting on ProBlogger. That’s quite the honor!

    • Thanks Joe and thanks for visiting! I’m pretty excited right now 😀

  • Awesome Jared..heading on there now!

    • Good deal, thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy it!

  • bryan allain

    way to go, Jared!

  • Congrats, Jared! Thanks for providing details about your guest posting story. I think it provides great information and inspiration for bloggers like myself.

    • Glad to hear! We’ve all got a long ways to go but helping each other along the way is what it’s all about!