Web Design

The truth is that you do likely have the resources to make something happen with your website that can begin to turn it into a real ministry.

Chances are your website is , at best, just a billboard for events at your church. There might be a way to share some thoughts via a blog or perhaps even a sermon or two. But that’s probably about it. We can do so much better!

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Social Media Plans

It’s not a matter if you choose to do social media, it’s a matter of how well you will do it.

Social media is used by virtually everyone in the modern world. Sure, some are resistant to change, but it is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. It’s not a fad and it’s certainly not something we as churches can stay away from and hope to speak to the lost.

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Outreach Plans

How well are you communicating with those outside your congregation? Not well? You’re not alone.

For some reason, the church has taken a back seat to the communication with the outside world. Sure we have mission trips and maybe some door knocking, but that just flat doesn’t reach everyone. We need to be spreading the Gospel by all possible means. Let’s solve this problem.

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