The boat hotel and six meal restaurant

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Being different is hard to do. It’s hard because we are inclined to build something safe that doesn’t stand out. We don’t want to be called out of the norm, so we play it safe.

But if we’re really honest, we know that the only thing that really gets talked about are the things that are vastly different.

The first story that highlights this is the boat hotel I heard about this morning. It’s located in Italy (I believe) and isn’t even open for business yet. It’s several stories high and books for $300 to $1600 a night depending on what you get. The largest rooms have balconies large enough to hold 20 people. That’s a serious hotel room…and this is a boat! The other thing is that it doesn’t even have a motor. It’s parked in the canal (which they had to lower the water level 5 feet to get it under the bridges) and won’t be moving for a long time. It’s different and it will be an incredible tourist attraction for years to come.

The second is a local restaurant in my town. They have a few locations nearby but still keep a small town feel. They offer only 6 main meals and they’re all the same price. There’s little customization that can be done and next to no choices. But the main thing they have going for them is simplicity. Simplicity in choice all the way around is what makes it work. And they are the only place in town that has a wait almost every single night, sometimes up to a couple hours.

So what do these two have in common that I would call them out in the same post?

They’re remarkable. In service? Maybe. In quality? Possibly. But most definitely in differentiation. They are both worth making a remark about. And that alone will provide them success for years to come.

[It’s worth noting that being remarkable isn’t easy. It it were, we’d all be so. I’m still working on making something worth remarking about. I hope you’re on that path too.]