Thoughts on the state of church digital ministry

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We are failing. We’re failing at reaching out to the lost and the hurting. We’re also failing at providing resources to those that are active around us and in the mission field spreading the Gospel. Here’s how.

The internet is the greatest communication platform the world has ever known. And social media is a part of that. So why aren’t we using it in our churches? I mean we are to some degree. We post our events and invite people to “like” our page for updates. But it’s nothing more than a random news feed that gets lost in the mix. We need to be adding value to people’s lives just as Christ does for us.

Social media is about connection, communicating and building community. But churches aren’t using it that way by any stretch of the imagination. So I’m here to say that it’s time we do something about it! It’s time we figured out a plan for our social media, website and how to build our community online. It’s time we got our hands into the digital world and starting seeing digital as a legitimate ministry. We’ve been behind the curve for years, but we can change that now!

This article is just a brief, off the cuff, manifesto for something much larger. Be sure to subscribe for updates to this blog as I’ll be unveiling more actionable items in the coming weeks. I hope you’ll join me and share this with your network. Thanks for being here.