Why Digital Ministries Are Like Printers in the Church

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When it comes to ministry, the majority of churches tend to neglect most things that are digital. The simple reason is that it’s new and largely unknown for it’s impact. This ranges from most everything from online giving to social media and beyond. But we are starting to see some data that shows these mediums can be very real players in spreading the Gospel. In light of that, I would encourage you to consider a few things.

The Copy Machine

My argument starts with the copy machine. Not that I disagree with having one or that I think it’s not a legitimate ministry tool. I do. But I also think that we are looking at a similar situation churches must have looked at some 30 years ago. I would venture to say that the first churches that adopted a budget for having a printer/copier did so with some serious lash back. In fact, I would be willing to place a bet that it was considered frivolous and useless with no real return. Put yourself in the place of those that tried to go to committee to spend even a few hundred dollars a year on something like this. (And now we spend thousands.) Why in the world would we want to print bulletins every week for the congregation? What is the point of that!?

I can see these as the arguments that happened during the early ages of printers. And I see it happening now with digital media. Only this is vastly different where the printer was mainly for internal communication, digital media (social media) is for the external world to see. This is exactly what the Great Commission tells us to do. So why aren’t we using digital media to build and create disciples of all the nations?

Social media achieves The Great Commission perfectly and churches are ignoring it.

Your Church is Afraid of Change

We aren’t using it because we’re afraid. We’re afraid of becoming too much like the world. We like our little comfort zone bubbles inside our church buildings where our ideas are mostly safe and accepted. We like to be affirmed in our troubles and beliefs, not challenged.

Social media is just the place to be picked on for your personal beliefs, particularly if it’s religion or politics. Those threads are the ones that gain the most engagement and reactions on social media. And they are the exact places we need to be hanging out when we can’t go visit another state or country to tell them about Jesus!

Churches are afraid of change and we are a afraid of trying something new. It’s time we stop.

Legitimizing Digital Ministry

Your church needs a digital team as much or more than it needs a printer. It needs a dedicated schedule that focuses on using social media to spread the Gospel to all nations. Fortunately, we have the very tools we need to make this happen right under our noses. We have people and we are ready and willing to do something worthwhile for Jesus!

If you attend a church that only uses social media to broadcast events and the occasional Christian meme, you are doing it wrong. That is not a legitimate digital ministry, it’s a waste of time and energy for those doing the content and those reading it. Church isn’t about what we are doing, it’s about what God is doing. So let’s build a ministry that focuses on Him and let Him bring the salvation the world needs!

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